Greece's Got Talent

I had this fascination with sirens at the end of school. Mythical, beautiful, haunting creatures from Greek mythology. I think they're greatly underplayed in stories. Why is Hercules (big, dumb, jock) more popular than sirens? I don't get it. Anyway, since I was AWOL for so long i figured I'd share a piece of the end of school on here.
This is the poem I read on one of the last days of creative writing for our final.

night’s fair maidens play upon the ocean
endless symphonic cry of devotion
hideous temptresses to haunt the sea
and end men’s poor mortal misery

these mythical creatures of the waves
the voices of death’s angel-slaves
which, stolen from the sky pre-formed
do herald death in through the storm

their lovely swirling etherie
the mask of unnatural born beauty
temptation wrapped in robbed king’s bereft
that one most gentle thief of night’s fair death

all men yet meet the same untrue ending
their entranced will and hope unbending
but yet they go with smiles upon their skulls
and evermore never more than food for gulls

lonely life, fair singing monster
not even gods dare tread less softer
not near that rocky symphony of songs
for gods’ creations make them mortal wrongs
and dare they not step upon those stones
golden blood from their veins swept up in sirens’ tones

ah, fair beast, pity these men
they hold only as much power as their hearts in their hands
those cold and bitter stones guiding their ships
that the siren has tasted singing with bloodied lips

the sirens’ plea nature destroyed to die
near the isle where Tartar’s maidens cry
no ship, no captain prowls the drunken sea
but the beautiful voice of fire
nay, ashes
now floating upon her crests and peaks

Not the best thing i've written, but not the worst either.