Death or Ice Cream

Death or Ice Cream

sweetly, a kiss, smooth on the lips, a taste on the tongue

and simply sticky, messy, dragging on the skin, hands

a constant reminder of pleasures past

cold, of course, it must be, or else unappetizing

warmth is of the past and future

for an endless second frozen, and generally seen as thus

though there is something else

forgotten fragility, a second of perfection

of understanding, of the expected

and then the unknown, the unlooked-for

ah, and the rub, variability

a thousand different flavors and new every time

unable to choose what is right for the day, the moment

humans are fickle and desire too much

desire everything; craving, craving more

in the mind, painful, subtly agonizing and over quickly

unafraid, though some would label it thus

indecision, guilt, desire: colors the hue of fear

there is no answer to the choice, nothing easy or real

far too fast, it is gone