My Latest Short Stories

http://figment.com/books/323305-The-Seven-Swans (Contest winner!!)

The Golden Maid

she gave up the years that passed her south
a useless void, a sucking mouth
eight twice and on the chin a kiss
so far a dazzling dizzy miss
pressed on a dance in twelve inch heels
stop twice the weighted man he feels
the next year out, her short a foot
a golden maid, footprints of soot
sing diddle the fat hen and golden egg
she lost her wits and thrice did beg
ashes and dust her skin flakes fell
another hill, a mountain swell
by the road she left them lie
a fire on the wind to die
sifting soft the half past still
she walked one pace and one pace killed
a memory gift for a broken king
her empty past was just the thing
a crown at sea, a storm-tossed man
she’d seen the world in just his hand
and though he loved, she loved not back
he had for shining things a knack
a lovely voice, a kissing mouth
she watched the sea as he sailed south
twice tripped each night coming bright
sun song is basking in the light 
cross the lines that make her face
sixteen years she’s won the race 
but peasants have no use for trifles
down the throat the gullet stifles
venom comes in pretty bottles
lovely braids as soon as throttle 
she spent her days coin for the fair
a laughing maiden with golden hair
too young to see between the stars
sixteen years and come too far
she gave up the tales that drew her north
an armored prince, a prancing horse
six and ten and tear tracked well
so far it’s rather hard to tell