So guess who is the most awesomesaucetastic blogger ever to blog the bloggernet? Me? No, sorry. Thank you ever so much though. The correct answer is shadowreviewer (shadowreviewer.blogspot.com). Shadowreviewer aka the new love of my life decided to link to two of my fanfictions in an upcoming blog post. Hopefully, she doesn't change her mind because then I'll look like an idiot. Anyway, I think that people who recognize other people deserve to be recognized back, so there you go.
I guess I should gather up my courage and tell you my fanfiction address. *Gulp* I'm ascared.

I also have a Fiction Press and since I'm baring me soul I'll give that too.
UPDATE: http://figment.com/users/174496-S-E-Cates

I also have facebook and zinch and all manner of other things, but let's just leave those be for now.

I was trying to find some decent piece of writing to end this with, but I've recently moved to a new state and haven't written in a long time. I promise updates on my blog and my fanfiction and maybe my fictionpress in the near future.

P.S. Spell check had a party with this one (I mean "awesomesaucetastic"? Really? I must be losing my marbles, or maybe just my mind since I never understood how to play marbles in the first place. But maybe that's why I lost them to begin with.)


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